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Frequently Asked Questions

Property Investment may not be an appropriate investment tool as there are base requirements that need to be met; from minimum income requirements and equity to a guarantor with equity and savings.

For an accurate assessment of what your repayments would be and how much you can borrow, it is important to speak to a property specialist before making a decision on purchasing a property. Specialist advice is essential to maximise borrowing capacity and returns, which includes various mortgage and accounting structures if you are intending to purchase an investment property.

A rough guideline can be gained from calculators, which when we meet will assist you in assessing what your repayments would be and how much you can borrow.

  1. Property Investment Calculator
  2. Tax Depreciation Calculator
  3. Mortgage Calculator
  4. Extra Payment Calculator
  5. Borrowing Capacity Calculator
  6. Loan Repayment Calculator

Why do the properties we select make good investments?

Key Properties makes a good investment primarily as we the advisors have a say in the pricing of such properties. Taking into account the market data and statistics collaborated from our extensive research analysis, Key Property Solutions only recommend properties that meet our rental yield and capital growth criteria, which is determined by the selling price. We only work with a select group of quality boutique developers who rely on our experience when pricing the properties.

Pricing is based on our due diligence of keeping in the loop with local agents, developers, builders and councils, and our inherent knowledge of prices based on the thousand plus properties we have recommended and sold and the rental returns the property can expect to yield.

The “Rule of 72” is a valuable tool, as it allows one to determine where to purchase property. Property is a mid to long term investment as it is cyclic. There are times of high growth and times of little or no growth, and the various states within Australia can go through phases where one state has high growth and the other state has low growth. When one state is doing well and another is not doing well, it is known as counter cyclic. One determining factor is capital growth, and the Rule of 72 determines how long it will take for the property to double in value, as if you get it right it allows you to build equity faster and to roll over that equity to add to your property portfolio.  The aim is to select markets with high capital growth to develop a diversified and well-balanced portfolio.

Years it will take for property to double = 72 / Anticipated Capital Growth %

Some other factors to consider for significant capital growth:

  • Geographic location
  • Location to CBD
  • Population Growth
  • Migration patterns
  • Economic Activity
  • Property Type
  • Changing Demographic Profiles

Key Property Solutions search daily for investment property for you with significant capital growth. In our one-on-one consultations we will preview those properties with you that meet your requirements, and you too will benefit from investing in property with strong capital growth, high rental yields and low vacancy.

Our tailored approach is to have a one on one meeting with you and go through any questions you feel you need answered to give you Peace of Mind when investing in property:

  1. I would like to invest but am concerned about all the interest rate volatility.
  2. Can I borrow 100 per cent of the purchase price?
  3. I have good equity in my home, but I am on an average income, can I still invest?
  4. We’ve only got about 9 years to retirement, have we “missed the boat”?
  5. I want to invest in a property but a the moment I don’t have equity in an existing property or enough savings for a deposit, so can you still help me?
  6. How much can I afford on my salary?
  7. I hear Perth and Brisbane are going gang-busters. Is buying in other states a good idea?
  8. Is it a good time to buy a property?
  9. How do you select properties?
  10. What is so special about your investment properties? Won’t any property do?
  11. How do you get paid, and how much will it cost me to use your services?
  12. How can I know I’m not paying too much for a property?
  13. Can I use my SMSF to purchase property
  14. Does a buyer’s agent need to have a real estate sales background?
  15. What if we can’t find a tenant for our investment property?
  16. What is a DSR?
  17. What is LVR?
  18. What does cross collateralization mean?
  19. What is serviceability?
  20. What is mortgage insurance?
  21. What growth could we expect in 10 years time?
  22. Are apartments as good as houses? What about the land content? What about high-rise units?
  23. What does buying off the plan mean?
  24. Do you have professional indemnity insurance?