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Property Management

Property Management

Asset Advantage Management is a subsidiary of Key Property Solutions dedicated to maximizing the return on your investment through its rental yield and efficiency of management. Our experience, efficiency and commitment assure better tenants paying the highest possible rent with fewer vacancies.

Created to provide direct hands-on approach to the profitability of our investor clients, solely through referrals and word of mouth, Asset Advantage Management has developed into a leading property management service through the Sydney metropolitan area, and will be doing the same in both Brisbane and Melbourne.

Every Property under management goes through systematic processes and analyses – making sure the best quality tenants are selected achieving the highest market rental, ensuring that your property is maintained in excellent condition and providing you with prompt, personalized service at all times.

Asset Advantage Management was established as our sister company to ensure that capital growth and rental yields are maximized for those properties, whilst vacancy is minimized. This is achieved through their 3 unique strategies, namely:

  • Rental Maximisation Strategy, where we higher rentals than most other agents
  • Maintenance Cost minimization Strategy
  • Minimum Vacancy Strategy

It’s a set and forget scenario where you get capital appreciation and high rental yields on your investment property/ies.

Ask us about The 888 Advantage.

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Our software and fully trained letting/property managers who are available 24/7, manage the day to day communications and needs of your tenant allowing you time to develop your business whilst maintaining the highest standards of customer care.

We know how important it is to stay on top of what is happening in the industry and that is why you have instant access to our professional property managers, who can advise you on anything from general advice on being a landlord to advice on current and new legislation

What other benefits can you expect with regards to the leasing and management of your property/ies.

  • Reducing the time you spend managing your properties
  • Free advice on current and new legislation as well as advice on day to day issues
  • The peace of mind of comprehensive and rigorous reference checks
  • A monthly account statement detailing all the transactions for the property
  • A financial year end statement summarizing all the income and expenses of your property/ies on one statement
  • Emergency assistance when you need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – or the option to specify your own maintenance provider
  • Tailored property administration software which eliminates manual errors and ensures a high level of service
  • Dedicated and trained professionals dealing with your account

“The administration is such a hassle”

Okay, so let us do it!

The biggest complaint we hear from landlords is that it is time consuming trying to keep their tenants happy, especially when they have a larger portfolio of properties and are between managing the paperwork, chasing the tenant for payment or getting called out in the night when there is an emergency. When you sign up to our package you don’t need to worry we’ll be taking care of it all for you.

Our team of trained property managers will manage all your administration and management needs. Because our software package is designed specifically for property management it ensures a consistently high level of customer service and satisfaction. We also give you the option to specify your own maintenance contractors if you currently have a relationship with a supplier.


“Who’s in my property?”

Our safeguard is to offer you the most comprehensive reference checks available

It is important when letting your property to realize that a basic credit check just doesn’t cut it. Defaults on rental payments do not show on a basic credit check so that is why we will not do them. We take the letting of your property very seriously and that is why we perform the most comprehensive and rigorous reference checks available, using the TICA tenancy data base.